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Punked Linda Ikeji Offered 10 Million Dollars To Sell Her Blog And She Said .....-( DAMN That's Some Big Cash)

This na temptation,lol, Linda you know I'm obsessed with you please don't blame me Ooº°, lol.

Ciana Nikky
Ciana Nikky is a broadcaster, model, singer, and MC. She is popularly known as “Ciana.”
This Nigerian beauty hails from Edo State and is one of the most listened on-air personalities in Abuja.
Linda Ikeji

While LINDA ikeji is popularly known as mother of all bloggers, the multi-talented blogger who is uniquely gifted  and has a master degree in gossiping started blogging 2006 which is seven years from now, presently has a lot of fans both home and abroad was punked by this cunning presenter CIANA who deceived her and made her feel she was just a friend interested in her , but unknowingly to my role model, she was PUNKED, Read the full Interview below, unedited written version of the PHONE PUNK....

Phone ringing... ..

LINDA: hello

CIANA: Hello Darling
LINDA: Hey Ciana how far na

CIANA: I dey current babe, babe toh sure, toh Bart
LINDA: This one wet u dey hail me this morning, how you dey?

CIANA: So you dey speak pidgin, e be like say all those your janded tortings na just for mouth, your pidgin sweet sha
LINDA: I be Lagos babe na

CIANA: Linda so how are, how is your friday going, are you resting or you're home home blogging, looking for amebo?
LINDA: Yea I'm home blogging,no rest for a blogger, I'm actually reading and uploading comments

CIANA: Oh wait you actually read comments on your blog?
LINDA: Are you kidding? Of course I do

CIANA: That's nice. Ehen linda, E get this senator babe like that wey I know, her father na senator them get plenty money, so actually she was like she wouldn't mind buying your blog
LINDA: she can't afford it, trust me

CIANA: She's giving you a blank cheque, you write whatever amount you want on the cheque
LINDA: If I put 10 million dollars on the cheque, she'll pay?

CIANA: So if someone offers you 10 million dollars you would sell your blog?
LINDA: Na not at all,I'm kidding(laughs), I'm not selling it, I've gotten offers time without number but I don't know I'm not just interested in selling it, its not about the money here, it's something I really like doing but anyone who wants to get a blog should go open one

CIANA: My darling, its TEN MILLION DOLLARS we talking about here not naira, I'm very sure they can afford it.
LINDA: Not interested

CIANA: In this my town ehn, people love you pieces, you need a boyfriend? I have this really cool dude right here with me ( Linda interrupts)
LINDA: I need a husband not a boyfriend

CIANA: Babe lock down, the guy is a husband material, he is actually staring at me right now and he's like God he'll do anything if possible he'll be licking your feet and I was like I know Linda Ikeji and he was like OMG please tell her I'll buy her anything in this life, we'll go to the best place to shop, our wedding is gonna be better than 2face and Annie's wedding and I was like ok I'll have to ask her first. Linda I know you need a husband, he is good looking, he's six feet tall, babe trust me na, you make sense this guy to make sense, I know so many guys are after you right?
LINDA: Yeah I do have a couple of them on my neck but I haven't seen what I want and people don't understand why I'm still single, you know they keep saying you're ok, you're pretty but still single .... Why? But I've actually not seen what I'm looking

CIANA: So what are you looking for in a man, what are the criteria you look out for in a man
LiNDA: Its not like there's a particular standard, its not about him being tall, good looking or wealthy yea of course you know I have my own money, but I need someone who's going to make me really really really happy

CIANA: So why don't I give this guy your contact so you guys get to know each other, he is very hot and he has money
LINDA: No No Please don't, mbah mbah , Ciana Biko

CIANA: Ok I'm not gonna give him your contact. So Linda I'm going to ask you one more question ( Linda interrupts the second time)
LINDA: Are you interviewing me or what?

CIANA: Interviewing you ke... No ooh, this is between me and you
LINDA: ooh ok

CIANA: In abuja, there is a case I call celeb secret and every time I punk somebody, someone always suggest Ciana please punk Linda Ikeji for different kind of amebo like your sexuality, you know I heard you like women( Linda interrupts the third time)
LINDA: Me? Ogbaje....Hahaaha.... God forbid

CIANA: Yes oh na wetin I hear, I swear
LINDA: Yeah I've heard that trust me I've heard it but I think its because of the fact that I'm still single

CIANA: Heard you and Dencia are lovers, them say you too like the girl, say you like her hips and ass, say both of una they do unaselves (Linda interrupts the fourth time)
LINDA: Dencia ke, abeg na so I dey do peter okoye and everybody, I never even see Dencis before for my life, I've seen Cossy in the Past but not Dencia

CIANA: So why you come they always write about her, you dey always worry people for your blog about Hips, her ( linda interrupts the fifth time)
LINDA: Because people like to read about her, people like to read about Cossy and the likes because they are sexy and controversial and na so I dey do with peter okoye and everybody

CIANA: So are you trying to tell me that you are straight, you don't like women
LINDA: I'm 100% straight , I don't understand how a woman would like or get attracted to another woman

CIANA: Ok... But are you in a serious relationship right now, since you're rejecting my offer to get you hooked up to a guy that has everything
LINDA: I'm not right now but I have a few options that I'm contemplating, but right now I'm officially single. But don't give anybody my number.

CIANA: Don't worry I said I will not, you see linda the reason why I'm asking you this question is that I was talking to a friend yesterday and we were gisting about some stuffs you posted on your blog, you know you're popular now, superstar things (Linda cuts in the Sixth time,lol.)
LINDA: I'm popular online

CIANA: Excuse me, you have more followers on twitter than I do, me I'm a broadcaster I talk for a living and people get to hear me talk, you are a blogger, you blog for have thousands and thousands of followers on twitter like a hundred and something thousand followers on twitter and me I'm a broadcaster and I have just I think just.... (Linda cuts in the seventh time)
LINDA: yea I have over a hundred and ten thousand followers

CIANA: You see.... While me I have just twelve abi thirteen thousand followers and you're telling me,you're not popular, babe lock down you're popular, very popular in high places, low place, middle places, up places ( LINDA LAUGHS) no jokes, each time I'm on air and I want to tell them any amebo, I'll say according to Linda Ikeji
LINDA: Eya.... Thank you Darling

CIANA: No ooh, No be thank you I want, send for me naaa, my birthday is coming up soon
LINDA: I don't really hang out much but we can hang out with a couple of friends

CIANA: So how do we get to hang out, if I come to Lagos you'll take me out?
LINDA: Taking you out is the easiest thing to do

CIANA: ooh I love this girl, you're fortunate I'm not a man, I for marry you now (laughs)
LINDA: Are you kidding me, abeg Ooº°h

CIANA: No ooh, Linda I'm straight,very straight, I like MEN.
LINDA: When people say I'm a lesbian I don't say anything, I don't reply them I don't even bother, I just delete them

CIANA: So let's say in the whole entertainment industry, you eventually know everybody, like everybody knows you, even if you don't know them but they know you right? So the question is, do you have a crush on anybody like Banky W, you know Bankyyyy, I hear small amebo sha
LINDA: why did you pick Banky W?

CIANA: I know why I dey ask you, Banky na my friend, na amebo things we they do here, I know why I they ask you trust me, you get any crush for Banky?
LINDA: So Banky tell you sey I get crush for am? Do you know I've never met Banky in my life? Like I've never meet him before, I'm telling I don't go out much, I don't know these people, although we've spoken on the phone before like we've communicated before but I've never.... Wait have I even spoken to him before on the phone? I don't think so, I think its only chats

CIANA: ok ok ok... So who's your crush in the industry
LINDA: I don't have any, I'm serious

CIANA: Haba Linda, Praise nko
LINDA: Most of them are younger than me, I can't crush on anyone I'm older than Don Jazzy is 30 year old, Banky is 32 and I'm 33

CIANA: But Mariah Carey is older than Nick Cannon and they both in love they have kids
LINDA: Abeg Ooº°, me I can't love that way abeg, I can't roll that way

CIANA: Ok, so you don't have any male crush in the industry
LINDA: No I don't, I used to crush on Ramsey Noah when I was much much younger like 1998

CIANA: So now if he ask you out you'll say no or you'll think about it?
LINDA: I'm sure he's married, married men are you know, I don't think of dating married men

CIANA: What about any foreign crush, anybody outside the country
LINDA: yea definitely I have a huge crush on and I'm so in love with is Tyler Perry

CIANA: Oh My God... That's my husband, he's my husband, no way we can't crush on the same guy
LINDA: That's my husband in my mind, in my head, in my brain......

CIANA: Hell no he's my husband in my head and everywhere, look Linda if you want make me and you fight infact no try am, no no no, the guy toh badt, toh tall, toh make sense, no, no, no way and the fact that he's a religious person.
LINDA: He's just an incredible man, its not even about the money here, its about how devoted he is, religious, I mean he's a big guy in hollywood, he is one guy I would like to meet in my life time and Obama too

CIANA: Haaa.... Me and Obama? No I no want but Tyler Perry, Mmmmm..... Just thank your stars you are far away if not by now we would have been fighting by now, I love the guy, he's just awesome, the movies he has produced, kai that guy is awesome
LINDA: yea I watch his movies over and over again

CIANA: So if he ask you out nko, yo know he is still single
LINDA: If he ask me out? If I see him na me go ask am out sef, I'll be like hello Tyler, how are you?

(Both laughs)

CIANA: Hahahaha..... You want to steal my husband abi, I'll meet him before you, its not going to happen
 LINDA: Abeg Ooº° that one na dream come true

CIANA: Ok..... Apart from Tyler perry any other crush?
LINDA: Well... I'm not into white people but if I am I'll do Liam Neeson, I like his voice,urhmmm.... The guy that did TAKEN

CIANA: Ooº°k, Haaaa, men you like things sha, you eye dey chuck, so like in Nigeria now,what artist do you hate, like which artist do you dislike? You just think the music is boring
LINDA: Haaaa, Ciana this kind questions wey u dey ask me I hope I'm not on air?

CIANA: How can I put you on air, today is friday, I'm not usually on air on fridays,I'm only trying to investigate, I'm trying to ask you a couple of questions so when I get on air tomorrow I'll just tell people Linda Ikeji is awesome,she like this,she like that, you're not on air, how can I do that to you, hell no, you're to awesome for things like that, I only punk people like them Banky and co but you are too important
LINDA: So you punk people sef, Ciana I think you're punking me

CIANA: HaaaaHaaa, no no no how can I punk you, haba
LINDA: Ok... So you were asking me about me worst nigerian artist......

CIANA: Yea..... Your favorite music in the country and your worst, the artist you think should just stop singing
LINDA: It used to be Burna Boy like to party right now its Banky W's yes/no I love that one, that one is like my new love song.

CIANA: What about the song you hate, the song you dislike
LINDA: I really don't like when he was trying to sing like Lil Wayne, you I thought he was stupid, I was like is this guy high.

CIANA: Hahaha... But shey you put am for your blog?
LINDA: Ehn I put am for my blog

CIONA: You see your life, you know like pesin , why you come put am
LINDA: Its not like I don't like him, I don't like the song, he was acting all so crazy and I was like is this guy ok?

CIANA: Ok... So I'm gonna tell you something write now and I'm on my knees , Please forgive me please
LINDA: What's that?

CIANA: You're on air actually
LINDA: GoooD, CIANA are you kidding

CIANA: Naaaa, I'm not kidding, I have three of my colleagues listening to the conversation, they've been hearing you for like ever
LINDA: (shouting) Oh MY God, CIANA

 CIANA: I swear, I'm not joking ..... I have Paris Charles here, I have Temi the candy man my producer, I have Anastasia (All laughing). Yea... They've been on air since the beginning, I had to do this for your fans, people that love you and everybody

Paris Charles: Linda we love you, we love you, we love you so much
LINDA: Awwww, thank you very much, I love you back, seriously, I still can believe this.

CIANA: Ooº° h my darling, alright say something to Abuja and beyond, because we go as far as Kaduna
LINDA: So are they listening to us right now?

CIANA: Yes naaa, they are listening, everyone is listening, so you have to say something to them
LINDA: Mmmmm.... Are you sure you are speaking with linda ikeji? Are you really sire this is Linda Ikeji? (Laughs)

Everyone; LAUGHS

CIANA: Babe na you , no even try deny am, I no sey na you, everyone no say na you, so say something to everyone listening, to abuja, some part of Kaduna, Jos and Beyond
LINDA: ok ok ok ..... Hey Abuja, I am Linda Ikeji, hope you guys are doing well, wish you all the best and you know... Stay beautiful

CIANA: Ahaha..... You don..... You don Finish?
LINDA: Wetin I one talk again na, you guys caught me unawares, ok.... I love you guys, thank you for the support,keep loving me and forget everything I said

So that's how the call ended CIANA apologized again for punking Linda, oh men my hand they pain me, I don type tire, this interview was made by CIANA Hot FM of Abuja and it was and audio, it took me months writing this so better read it complete..... In Tyler Perry's Voice I am warning y'll , lol.

If you cant read, you can listen to the AUDIO


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