Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rihanna In a Romantic Session with Snakes On The Cover Of GQ Magazine

The pop star Rihanna in her recent tweet said that she loves playing with wild animals. To justify this, she went ahead to upload pictures of hers Unclad with snakes.

The daring singer is on the cover of the 25th Anniversary issue of British GQ magazine.Accosrding to the magazine, she is one of the successful pop icons.
In the picture , The S*xy Singer's eyes have a evil glare as she clutches her face with her long black talon nails. She forgoes a shirt and covers her breasts with her forearms, showing off her goddess Isis tattoo on her chest with a large snake wrapped around her neck. Her hair is completely covered with a variety of smaller snakes, some in bright orange and red colors, which appear to almost jump out of the pic as they slither around her head .
Hmmm... is this part of the illuminat's plans?
see tweet below

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  1. When she ia already a wild thing.... not surprised