Wednesday, October 9, 2013

PATHETIC: Meet The Lady Who Wishes People DEAD On Facebook

You remember Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo the controversial daughter of the former daughter of Oyo state who said she likes that Jesus was gay and he slept with his disciples? Well she's in the news again this time, she's reporting one girl to Nigerians. According to Kemi, her names are Sidi Oghogho Obaretin and she loves it when people die wishing them Rest In Peace, when she heard Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo was dead she said what a good lose... Mmmmm. This is how Kemi Olunloyo is reporting it below

"This is her disgusting low class profile and I consider these characters nothing but Lagos/Abuja prostitute types who have no solid day job and sit on Facebook defaming people all day. This disgusting female Sidi Oghogho Obaretin whatever shitty name that is has an obsession that cannot be cured. Banned 6 times from my page and now permanent, she posted RIP to me today and within seconds before even she could see her post, Facebook was alerted and she got a warning. Facebook e-mailed me.

  Already I know the 115 who wished me suicide on my page individually by their names. I do not relate to such ppl on my page anymore regardless of their get well wishes but to keep posting RIP's on my page is to keep wishing death on yourself.
 I hear she's obsessed with America and that she loves posting RIP's of people all over.
  She built this page which did not get any steam but today FB is using her death obsession against her. She was warned not to post deaths of public figures on their social network and cause a ruckus of rumors in the media. Girl, pls get a life. You are not a lady and I wont be surprised if you were trolling online. Get medical help. Your story is filed under mental health. So many of these Nigerian girls back home are SICK to the core!! Posted Tuesday October 8th at 4.25pm on Sidi Oghogho Obaretin RIP Kemi Omololu Olunloyo Lol, this drama is very funny tho, the first picture is Kemi Olunloyo while the subsequent ones are the pictures of the girl she's accusing.

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  1. I guess u are also as stupid as kemi omololu is. Thanks for d publicity.