Tuesday, October 8, 2013

OBSESSION: Meet The Man Who Tattooed Miley Cyrus Face All Over His Body 21 times

They're pretty huge tho, Carl McCoid, whose love of tattoos is second only to his love of Miley Cyrus, has now inked his love for the twerk-loving songstress with tattoos number 20 and 21, 20th is a portrait with her signature photo smile and tongue,The 21st celebrates her new album release ‘Bangerz.’ I wanted that big and bold," he said. "It's the exact design from the album.”rates her new album release ‘Bangerz.

My  portrait tattoos are a timeline, this is her latest facial look and the first of her new hair since she changed it last year.” says 40 year old superfan, he also said he is planning tattoo number 22, Lol, I'd bet Smiley Virus doesn't even know you exist.

 “My 22nd is due in two weeks,” Carl said. He already has two pics in mind: “It's a choice between the VMAs iconic facial expression or her amazing profile facial side image," he said.

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