Saturday, December 21, 2013

Is It Right For A Son To Give His Mother French Kiss?

KISS OF LIFE...... I saw this photo and I was like "eeewww" but on a second thought she did this to you alot when you were much younger, so now I'm confused, the kiss strong sha. So guys can you kiss your mother like this,
and Girls can you kiss your father like this?


  1. Damn! That's a deep kiss
    Not appropriate! Is this his mummy or his sugar mummy?

  2. There's no probs french-kissing your mother.passion should just be avoided.

    1. huh? Are you shitting me? How can someone French kiss without passion? And I assume that's his mother.

  3. Bia nwatakiri a, pls get my specs.

    Dis is Widely Vulgar.

  4. This is truly a 'great foul' in all ramifuckination. Epic fail in trying to impress the world. Plus the mouth looks like is sucking out the life out of her to add to his own ?

  5. Some time ago this guy was sucking that woman's bosom. What's in a kiss?

  6. Our mothers will kiss us as kids, innocent things. But will eventually stop by age thereabouts 2. This is totally, hmmm.... awkward.

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