Saturday, October 12, 2013

Man Demands Sex From ‘Mother’ As Prostitute Fails To Show Up

A Bulawayo man from Luveve suburb reportedly drank an aphrodisiac (vuka vuka) in preparation for a ‘wrestling’ match with a thigh vendor, but the woman ran away – a move which forced him to order the prostitute’s mother to quench his sexual zest.

The man, Lewis Moyo paid in advance for services of the lady of the night, but it turned out he had been taken for a ride as the thigh vendor never turned up for the appointment.

Moyo, who was unable to control his zest, reportedly proceeded to the ‘service’ provider’s place to remind her of their appointment. Upon arrival at the woman’s place he was told that she had not returned home since the previous day.
A reliable source revealed that since Moyo had taken aphrodisiac, he became angry and ordered the prostitute’s mother to sleep with him.

“Moyo met the prostitute at a Luveve bar and hired her for a short time service. It seems he really had a nice time and they arranged for another appointment which he paid for in advance. He spent the whole day drinking vuka vuka preparing for the night. They had agreed that the thigh vendor would arrive at his place around four, but she never turned up.

“Moyo then decided to go to the woman’s place as he became impatient. Upon arrival at the prostitute’s place, he found her mother who informed him that the woman was not home,” said Moyo’s friend who spoke on condition of anonymity.

He could not believe what he was being told and therefore asked to search for the thigh vendor in the house as he believed they were playing cat and mouse games. He searched, but the thigh vendor was nowhere to be seen.

“The furious Moyo then ordered the old woman to ‘pay’ for her daughter’s sins by sleeping with him. When the old woman realised that she was in trouble as the sexually charged man could rape her, she rushed to the kitchen to get boiling water which she intended to scald the man with,” said the source.

Fortunately, Moyo managed to flee when he realised that the woman intended to pour hot water on him.

When Moyo was contacted for comment, he confirmed that he drank an aphrodisiac on Saturday, but denied asking for sexual favours from the prostitute’s mother.

“I know one of my friends told you the story, of course I drank vuka vuka, but I never ordered the old woman to sleep with me. She just chased me away from her home saying her daughter was not around.”

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