Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Go and Die" T-shirt Is OUT Motivated By Adams Oshiomhole

If you haven't gotten yours then you must be the most stale person in Naija, Lol ....Nigerians would never seize to amaze, after making my "Oga at the top" polo now its "go and die" aluta continua.... Hustle#

So i was just passing online and saw this lovely polo top.... Anyway Grab your Shirts NOW


  1. If you know say you won DIE, go and buy the shirt and wear. Na em be say u don reach hell fire o

  2. obinna abeg give me 2 "go and die" t-shirts, I wan wear am for Kween wey no gree for me from January to December....

  3. Chai Nigerians , next will be song or movie title 'GO and DIE

    Anyways... To my haters GO AND DIR