Thursday, October 3, 2013

Meet The Female Celebrities who Hate to Wear BRAS They Just Love Exposing Their Bosom

These female celebrities just cant keep their boobs under control, they love to show it to the public, I mean if its out then they are not fully dressed, enjoy the view

And I begin with the mother of boobs who so love their bodies that they cannot just look at the mirror alone, I'm talking of no other person than RIHANNA and I intentionally reserved two space for her 

And guess who is secong- toping my list... its Smiley Virus. Cant see anything on that Chest, lol, Miley Cyrus pose nude To promote her Video 'wrecking ball'. Whe is one proud of the proud owner if a small boobs
Definitely we know Nicki minaj love her boob so damn much and she's proud sharing the view with the public
And someone should please guess this lady below, is she putting on pants or she's totally unclad below:
I also think katy Perry deserves a spot on the list

And of course Maria Cariah cannot be left out

Dont know who this is with the green and yellow boobs


  1. well, except for Rihanna, who looks lovely - the other ones have internal bra - the implants - no need for bra again, but they do need some camisoles - attention seeking - money hustling - forever ..hustling ladies.

  2. i hope to taste 1 of this artificial boobs some day woould like to know if its really breast milk or na condensed cow bell.... KENNY OF LIFE

  3. I jus can't get enuf of rihanna's boobs, miley cirus has nipples not boob....smh

  4. Dis sagged breast is not better than the one I suck everyday. They are expired breast milk without Nafdac number

  5. "Dont know who this is with the green and yellow boobs"- lol!! Now that's funny.