Monday, November 4, 2013


Good Evening Diamond Readers....
         It is a great pleasure to deliver this vote of thanks to you all who have made this nomination such a huge success.
What that started off as have fun and joke is today nominated as the BEST NEW BLOG 2013, to be eligible for this award is a great honor and privilege, So I say a big thank you to diamond readers

I want to use these medium to thank those who have made my life happy and fun in so many ways, I want to tell them how much I really do appreciate them for being an important part of my life, wasn't expecting to go this far tho. I thank all my Readers and those who love to comment on this blog such Estelle Iron-Lady, Maggi, Da_genius, Lebs, Lesbian boy, Abraham Odey, Damola Bisiriyu, Collins Walter, Fortune Chiby Ojukwu, Jerome Bond, TR-1, (abeg my hand don dey pain me) and to all those who I forgot to mention their names including all the funny GHOSTS ( Anonymous) who just prefer to stay hidden and insult others thank you for making the blog fun filled with your comments, you all will never really know how excited you've made me feel.

 Remember this is just a nomination not the main Award so therefore there will be another voting on the 11th of November 2013 which would end on the 8th of December 2013, it'll be one blog which would be selected from each category to win the Award, so your votes would still be needed. To see the full list of nominees, visit HERE

Thank you once again for your support, Diamond Readers made this nomination a success, always remember that I would continue to bring you prompt amebo gist, breaking and shocking news, not to forget my specialty ODDITIES just to mention a few, you shall read it here first. wink#
I care about your interest and your voice, so please keep commenting and you can also invite your friends on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, like and share our page I'm sure they'll also find it interesting here. Come share ideas and I'll them happen @ DIAMOND ODEY BLOG


  1. It was just a matter of time. But I must admit, you earned it. Your traffic and rate of articles within a short period is very outstanding. Kudos and keep up your good work. :) #Cameroon.

  2. Ur welcome Madam Dee, keep d good work going...

  3. Congrats dear... I've always known u had it in there.... What a great achievement, please make sure u let us know when the voting starts so that we can still support u, DOB Reader for live...

  4. Wish you many more awards to come... Swits

  5. Bigger u I pray @diamond, nd may u glow brighter as ur name implies..

  6. Mighter u Odey,more elbow to ur work nd wish u more.

  7. Yay!!! Don't know I want noticed while commenting. Sky is your take off point Diamond Odey. Love you plenty plenty