Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What is Wrong With This Photo?

Do you see anything wrong with this photo of Lady Gaga... LOOK CLOSELY, now tell me what you see


  1. Whatelse does lady gaga always show if not her hairy pussy

  2. There's a lot more to this picture that just her naked self at the center. It's a subliminal image which carries other images and hidden messages on it.

    There are 2 pictures which are distorted by a broken glass effect which can clearly be seen in the nature in which the letters of her names are cut. The first image is as black and white picture of a guy, looking in a North East direction and can clearly be seen at Gaga's right leg - His Lips and bottom nose region and above the last "A" in Gaga in which the rest of his head is presented. His identity remains unknown to me.

    The second image is what's more striking. Looking at the immediate left of the L in Lady is the face a being which might seem like an angel, which I thought at first was either the Angel Michael situation casting away Satan from heaven. But after comparing nature of the "supposed" angelic figure to the actual image, I got the wrong result. Then I looked at the far right where there's the leaves of a Tree and immediately I thought it was a situation of an Angel visiting Jesus at Gethsemane when he need assistance. Again I was wrong. After carefully studying the picture, I then realized I had seen it in the Movie "Angels and Demons" in one of the Churches which was shown during the hunt.

    The image, created in c.1486 by Sandro Botticelli is about the Birth of Venus, who is believed to be an earthly goddess who aroused humans to physical love or a heavenly goddess who inspired intellectual love in them. There are several interpretations to this picture:

    That which I think Gaga illustrates is the idea of divine love in the form of a nude Venus, as seen on the picture. Notice that both Venus and Gaga are naked and Gaga seats on the same spot where Venus is born "a shell"

    I don't know where Gaga is heading to with that image but the image of venus itself remains a mystery.

    1. Mmmm lebs, you must be a satanic analyst, no offense

    2. Not a satanic analyst but a visionarist into what hides in daylight. And no offense taken. lol

  3. This gitl is EVIL