Thursday, October 17, 2013

Student Vomits Blood After Visiting Abuja

A student of Oko polytechnic in Anambra state who was travelling to Onitsha from Abuja, was vomiting blood minutes after the bus she was travelling left Abuja, precisely around Okene. The driver of the bus belonging to Peace Mass transit was implored by the passengers to take her to a health centre before her people can be contacted. She is presently receiving treatment there but all efforts to reach her people has not been fruitful because she had a flat battery on her cell phone! Please anyone with useful information should contact Peace Mass transit park at Onitsha so that the actual hospital Where she was taken can be confirmed!

More on this when we get more information. We cannot say what happened to her at this moment or her mission to Abuja but people are already speculating many things that are related to such incidences like this in the past!

I just hope this is not another case of rituals involving Abuja men and unsuspecting student, probably if ASUU was not on strike maybe the girl would be in school, as a result of greed and idleness some girls go out of their way to sleep with men they do not know and fall victim to all sorts of evil... But I Pray that this is not what it seems.

 The management of Peace Mass transit and police can use her information on the passengers manifest at Abuja where she boarded to the bus to get more information.


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  2. Awwwawww.... this is terrible. God punish Asuu