Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Check Out The World Skinny-dip Record.... This Is Gonna Be Fun

These Americans set out to the waters to break the world record of the greatest number of people to swim n*ked

Some 805 brave participants descended on Haulover Beach in Florida on Sunday to shatter the previous record which was set last July. See more photos below:

It was previously 729 participants that got their kit off on El Playazo Beach in Almeria in Spain but they have now been surpassed..... From the look of thongs they really had fun, Congrats the new world record breakers.


  1. Must u comment on every post

  2. Why are they backing the camera na, they shud face d camera let's see things, mostly d ladies..

  3. if they had same amount of bad roads or still recieving much love from phcn I dont think breaking such a silly record would have been on their minds.......not their fault.

  4. I dnt blame dem..........fuck doz old fools wish dey wil jst kick d bucket so dey can face judgment wit der ugly ass...