Friday, December 6, 2013

From Street To Star: PICTURE of Don Jazzy And Dbanj When They were Still Hustlers

Who said money is not good... These two were on the list of the most wealthy celebrities in Africa, they drink the most expensive wines, eat from the best cooks, get any girl of their choice in the whole world but see how they all started together from the scratch With a bottle of star and maltina on their table.... God Bless you hustle my brother, when I grow up I want to buy 5 million naira blazer and 50 million naira wrist watch... Hehehe


  1. Money bad b4? @irolady

    1. I just hope ur not crushing on me

    2. Not funny@jerome...dry joke mtcheeew

  2. #i laugh hit head for wall# no be only crush,na crash on u@ironlady..u still try change dis ur pic na,d way ure holdin nd dragin ur cloth u will tear it soon if u dnt change d pic o..

  3. @anonymous do I look like a comedian or am I tryin to impress u dt u want a funny joke? Mtcheeewwww..

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