Thursday, November 7, 2013

SHOCKING: A Nigerian Man Beaten To Stupor In India... Such Cruelty

His only crime was LOVE...A Nigerian who protested against the murder of his fellow countryman, and the subsequent non-investigation by Indian police, is subjected to a shocking, violent assault by groups of Indians in full view of, and with the tacit support of Indian police

I'm boiling as i'm watching this video. It the responsibility of the Nigerian government to take an expedient action to curtail this idiocy. These Indains are in this country fleecing our economy and maintaining a high social status and over there in India they treat our people worse than dirt. Something has to be done. We can't remain the laughing stock of the world. people think they can just disrespect Nigerian the way they like and get away with it. No human being should be humiliated the way the guy was humiliated. Even if he stole something, that's not enough to subject him to such treatment



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