Monday, November 4, 2013

Peter Okoye Of Psquare Rudely Replies Fans Over Gold - Plated House

I too like this guy..Peter Okoye posted the pictures of himself and his brother on social media sitting and dining in the lavish house shortly after attending the interment of Patience Jonathan’s mum in Okrika, Rivers State. Incase you missed see the pictures HERE

 Angry Nigerians have blasted politicians for wasting pubic funds on material things that would fade away after seeing pictures of R&B duo composed of identical twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye in a gold-plated house allegedly belonging to a top government official in Rivers state

According to one of their fans: “So, this is what our public officers use public funds for? To enrich their pockets on things they will leave behind when they die. Yet they say if they revamp the tertiary education sector, they will go bankrupt? Ok O! God is watching. You will only be remembered by what you have done.”
Another said--" Oh I just hate it when pple do borrow pose and kon join am with lie. Catchya. I have a meeting with Dangote"
Another said " Very local igbo boys!carry yellow full everywer say na Gold!na interhouse sports?"

Just to mention a few: see peter okoye's response through twitter below:


  1. I personally like Peter's response. You won't play hard if you don't work hard. In my vocabulary, SWAG means Stop Watching And Grind. Stop watching others, go out there and make it big. With respect to top officials lavishing funds, it's become a global cry, an epidemic. Let them do whatever. We'll see if they'll die with it.

  2. Hahahahaha mi likey

  3. Na wa o,no matter how rich I am,I no fit shout like this. I love simplicity

  4. Diamond Readers, c what ur comments av caused now...

  5. Abi nau,free dem jor#INTERNATIONALLY

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