Saturday, November 2, 2013

Breaking News: Campaign Turns Bloody In Anambra As 30 Supporters Die

Governor Peter Obi and his candidate, Willie Obiano had arrived to the prayer house [Adoration Ministry] at the early morning hours of about 12:15am to address the audience that had come for night vigil.

The arrival caught the audience unaware and surprised. And as Peter Obi mounted the stage to address the audience – the audience broke out in a quiet murmur – unsure of what to make of it, the Governor continued to deliver his campaign speech with Willie Obiano standing beside him. Governor Peter Obi promised to make available N5million to the prayer house to help tackle a gully erosion site near the Adoration grounds

As he spoke, the quiet murmuring grew louder – followed by chants of ‘Onwa, Onwa’. And in reaction to the chants of Onwa, Willie Obiano/Peter Obi’s men including security operatives began rushing towards the area where the chants of Onwa was coming from. The chanters were moving away from the approaching armed men. In the process, it turned into a stampede.

At the end of the stampede, over 28 corpses were seen littered on the grounds. An estimate of over 200 were injured. A large percent of the dead and injured are believed to be Ngige supporters, this is according to one of the survivors of the stampede – who also added that “they rejected Obiano and willie and were chanting Ngige Ngige it took hours to calm the crowd by Father Ebube Muonso so that Peter Obi could speak. Peter Obi made donation of N2million to the Reverend Father. The Father rejected it and ask him to give that to the poor whom he have starved for years. And later there was a stampede. Obiano and Peter Obi has sucked the blood of innocent worshippers. Peter Obi is the Chimaroke of Anambra“

28 corpses have been deposited at Crown Hospital Nkpor. The wounded taken to Borromeo Hospital.


  1. Campaign at Adoration Ground? Na wa o. Any way Ngige disappointed his senatorial district. I don't think he will do well this time around. His time has passed. In as much as I don't like Peter Obi not to talk of APGA, I think his guys obiano might do well. Let all this Old faces go and rest. Let's try new people. I sympathise with those that lost their loved ones. I rest my case.

  2. Nawa ooooo different story evrywia, heard peter has left wen it started,dat it started 2hrs after he left n he left by 3.30am, some said d stampede started as a result of ppl shoutin fire fire wen der was no fire outbreak