Saturday, October 5, 2013

SHOCKING PHOTOS: A 17 year old boy's leg got swollen likea car tyre

In my whole entire life I've never seen such a disease. I can imagine the pain this 7-year-old Tanzanian boy is going through, his name is Rajab Suleiman, a resident of Ukonga, he is in agony after one of his legs gets swollen like a car tyre.

Speaking to newsmen with great sadness, the young man said that he remembers that he was born with a little disability under his feet which made walking difficult but little did he know, ‘half bread is better than none’. Rajab can no longer walk but creep since his right leg has become so swollen and feeble.

See more photos as you continue…He said he was was living with his both parents, but the parents later separated and now he his living with his mother in a village in Tanzania.

Rajab complains that he wishes his swollen right should be cut off due to the rejection it brings since he lacks comfortably compared to other children in the village.

“I wish to be like other children,” he said

Rajab is seeking for good Samaritans, including Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete to help him so he can get treatment.

For those interested in helping the child, you can call +255 713 612 533.

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