Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rihanna in bedroom mood with her lesbian partners- Pictures

Mmmm.... Who doesn't know Rihanna is a lesbian, instead of calling them honey, sugar, sweeten, obim she prefers to call them her MAIN , please feed  your eyes home alone readers and by the way one of the picture was taken with her mum, just included it here because it was really crazy, mehn.... Never imagined me posing with my mum in a photo shoot and grabbing her boobs. #WILD

RIHANNA places a friendly hand on party pal Cara Delevingne’s bum during a tequila-fuelled boat party. 

This girl just love kissing sha....  No wonder she has a really kissable lip

Below is Rihanna and kate Moss


  1. U bloggers jst see tinz where dere r nt.we all r entitled 2 our opinion nd u shake ur head on her dession

  2. She is known ad badgirl riri , so ah aint surprised

  3. Awesomeness ¥øû go Girl...

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