Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Now It All Makes Sense.... Miley Cyrus Confirms Her Membership In The Illuminati

Miley Cyrus was once a loving little girl mostly loved by children and teenagers who know her as 'Hannah Montana'but now she's changed into Miley virus, lol, but seriously i could come up with more than 1000 words to describe Miley such as Miler Cyrust,Miley widely, piley Cyrus, Man-a Montana, Miley Virus sorry cyrus has really brought a lot of terrible names upon herself, now i hear Miley Cyrus is the latest Illuminati icon promoted by the mainstream media machine, she's also a fan of the Illuminati, and follows an Illuminati account on Twitter.

People also wonder why she styled her hair into a devil's horn to the VMA awards and had her tougue out, she's 21


  1. Gosh I so hate did girl 4rm d bottom of my cunt

  2. See her black tongue