Friday, October 11, 2013

Judge please Tell This Man He Is Still Legally Dead

After getting missing for eight years,  he was  declared dead and now he's claiming to be alive,  lol,  from what  I heard he vanished because he owed big child support payments and that the overdue payments had totaled $26,000 by 1994 now he's back pleading to the judge to revert the death certificate but the judge turned down his request, citing a three-year time limit for changing a death ruling.

"I don't know where that leaves you, but you're still deceased as far as the law is concerned," the judge said.  Awwww... He's name is Donald Miller Jnr and he is from Ohio,  please my USA Home Alone Readers help this man to come alive legally

1 comment:

  1. Hahahahaha I'll remain dead if I was him here in the US. Any where else out of the US will make perfect sense to me. He's put himself in a spot which has taken him of the surface and track grid of the system. He just needs to be smart and rather use it to his advantage.