Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jennifer Hudson Loose A lot Of Weight - BEFORE and AFTER photos

Singing sensation Jennifer Hudson went from flab to fab after joining Weight Watchers, we all know it's not easy to get fit these days and it's certainly not easy to lose weight but over the past few years, Jennifer Hudson has worked her butt off to earn both of those things. See more rockin' body of the music mogul after the jump

 Jenny has teamed up with the organization for the third annual Lose For Good campaign to help fight both hunger and obesity.


  1. Anytime you see someone with a belly button that looks like a coin slot, it means they had a tummy tuck. Trust me. my mom had one lol.

    1. I agree. I know quite a few people who has tummy tucks and all of their stomachs/Navels look the same lol. She looks good though….WERK!

    2. Lesbian Boy, av never had tummy tuck n my belly button is like dat, it's just dat my stomach used to be very flat back in d days

    3. okay, so guys, I just googled tummy tuck, and I don’t see a difference from a regular tummy that has not had one in comparison with the belly button’s LMAO!
      How we know she had tummy tuck if we can’t see her belly button?? lol
      and I just want her to be healthy. I don’t care how small or big she is. HEALTHY is the key word, for me anyway.

    4. Hold up!! Wait a gosh darn second, my belly button looks like that nd I’ve never been to a plastic surgeon. Some people just have deep innies, I can fit the whole tip of my index finger in there lol

  2. She looks great, but you can tell by her arms that she use to be a bigger girl.