Monday, December 2, 2013

PHOTO- Do You Think It's Wise To Have A Toilet In Your Kitchen?

A landlord known as Tony has decided to beat planning law rule but building a toilet in his kitchen not even at the far end of the kitchen but the toilet is fitted in between the sink and the cooker.

A horrified council has ordered the demolition of a garden house for students, thecouncil officials have told him to demolish the structure but Mr Waite, 68, intends to lodge an appeal.

Mr Waite, from St. Albans, Herts, said: “The kitchen was temporary and was moved into the shed holding the toilet so the tenants didn’t have to all use the kitchen in the main house.

“I don’t know what the council’s main grievance is but I am disappointed by the decision.

“I intend to appeal and I will not let my tenants become homeless.”....Lol... Such a wonderful concept!


  1. Of course it's a brilliant idea... Every time my wife would finish d whole food in d kitchen all in the name of tasting and later come to our toilet and mess d whole place, so its better to have a toilet in the kitchen, that one would be for her

    1. brilliant idea? toilet in d kitchen? Does d word hygene exist in ur vocabulary?