Sunday, December 1, 2013

BUSTED- Married Woman Caught Cheating On Her Husband With Her Boss Inside A Bush- PHOTO

This is really funny... A South African man was said to have begged the man on the the picture above to employ his wife so they could have money to feed until he could sort out his financial problems. The man accepted after several pleas.

Unfortunately, because her husband no longer has money the woman started disrespecting him and keeping late nights. Acting on a tip off, the husband and his friends caught her live in the act with her boss.

What's wrong with married women these days? Imagine the disgrace of being caught cheating in the bush!!! God surely will help us, it is just unfortunate that all fingers are not equal and God would at the right time Bless everyone who has been faithful to him... Happy New Month DOB Readers


  1. Women are naturally attracted to security. The origin of this security is less important. Be it her Husband, Neighbor, or in this case Boss, she feels obliged to satisfy him. That's a deranged state of mind. But I guess its just instinctive. Nothing us, men can do about it but stay on top of our game. Keep our ladies secure and satisfied, that way we remain the "man" and she stays interested in us(you/me). And except she's one greed b^*^# we've got nothing to worry about! wala! there's your answer!

  2. Madam D dis na old story na.......abi u catch her again but na same pics na.....

  3. This iss really apalling

  4. No hotel for south africa?

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