Thursday, December 5, 2013

Have You Voted Diamond Odey's Blog?

Have you voted for your favorite blogs? This is a reminder to keep you abreast that such competition is still on and Diamond Odey's blog was nominated as the Best New Blog 2013, I thanked you all for putting me in that list, now it's time to make your favorite blog outstanding amongst the 5 by clicking on this LINK ..

Enter your valid email address (please the email should be valid because you will be sent a validation link that needs to be clicked on in order for your vote to be counted.

if you already confirmed the link sent to you during the nomination phase, no other link will be sent to you again. Automatically your vote will be counted. )

and scroll down to the where you see BEST NEW BLOG, kindly click on DIAMOND ODEY to cast your vote... Thank you and God Bless You

Remember .... Voting ends on the 8th of December, which is this sunday, so keep your fingers busy and VOTE ME 


  1. Yes yes yes ... I have voted, dancing skelewu

  2. I voted for you simply becauss I love your hair. so I just thought I'd let you know. :)

  3. Also, I am in the competition too--my name is Stephanie obi and it would be really great if you could vote for me too. Under best business and entrepreneurial blog, thanks

  4. I tried voting but the competition is only through personal email ( which I don't have), I will shout out to you from my Facebook wall

  5. I voted but didn't get any message in my mail.... I hope it's counted ooo

    1. Check your spam, if you nominated me earlier then you would not receive a mail