Monday, December 2, 2013

Kola Boof an A-list Hollywood Jumpoff Releases The List Of Male Celebrities With The Biggest DicK... Guess Who Has The Biggest Penis

He he he.... I laugh in Spanish. You all remember the Black woman who used to MESS WITH OSAMA BIN LADEN. She also dated Djimon Honsou for many years, before he got with Kimora Simmons, well she's on the news again but this time not know for her intimate relationships with terrorist but also with celebrities.

Anyways Kola Boof and a group of her girlfriends were VERY ACTIVE JUMPOFFS - called the Alpharetta Sister Society. They compiled a list of the 20 Celebrity men with the biggest penises. Here is the list:

20. Raphael Saadiq
19. Patrick Rafter (Austrailian tennis player)
18. Mekhi Phifer
17. 50 Cent
16. John Salley (Former NBA player)
15. Keith Sweat
14. Marc Anthony
13. Ron O'Neal (The guy who played Superfly)
12. Tao Pengiless (Played Tony Dimero on Days Of Our Lives)
11. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
10 Kwesi Mfume (Head of the NAACP)
9. Jerry Seinfeld (WERRRRRRD??)
8. Actor Jon-Erik Hexum
7. Michael Jordan
5 tie. NBA baller Rick Fox and Vin Diesel
4. Deceased actor John Ritter
3. Actor James Woods
2. Actor John Amos (James From GOOD TIMES)

By the way her name sounds yorubaish, anyway, make a random guess... I think it's 50 cents tho....Lol


  1. Now we no why d blacks in America has the highest number of AIDS

  2. These use to be jump they have better s**t to be doing besides fu**ing evry Tom, *** and Harry...Who cares? These dudes, some of them are decrease, single and use to be from their former positions...These broads will never get the fame and glory from just being nasty and sloppy *** to these men...So be gone...So sad..

  3. Trick stop kissing! Sucking! F*cking & telling! Get yo life

  4. Why didn't Bin Laden make the list

    1. Chaucahuchauchinchauchauchau..... I laff in Chinese.

  5. SMH... OK, she seems so proud at that too?