Saturday, December 14, 2013

SHOCKING PHOTO: 'Angel' Appears At RCCG Ebute Meta, Lagos. Is That Real?

The picture below is the picture of an angel making appearance at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Ebute Metta in Lagos and this photo has gone viral since it appeared online.
Here is the picture and the story behind the picture below

The Perfected Praise Singers, a popular gospel band in Lagos, were worshiping God in the said church and some kids
were taking photos of them.

When one of the kids, got home and was going through the pictures, he discovered that an angel (or what looked like it) was there with them in the church.

However, most people believe the picture was photo-shopped while some others disagree, insisting the story can be verified from the church.

Lol that ish looks like a ghost from paranormal..nice try photo shoppers
Looks fake to me tho...
So what do you think, fake or real?


  1. Many many lie lie for churches these days mehn

    The other day one woman come out for testimony time say their car somersault 17 times forward and 5 times sideways say thank God she survived. Me com dey ask "who even count the somersaultings them sef? Lol

  2. An angel with face paint, unkept hair and china white gown...looks like a scene from a "big" budget nollywood movie...

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    2. Hahahahaha chai so na only for nollywood ghost the do make ups... This post funny eh make i call god of music

  3. Ironlady give d guy some credit na,@least d joke aint very dry..