Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Could This Be Fashion? This Girl Rocked This Dress To Soweto And The Only Thing I'm Not Seeing Is Her Anu$

You all know the presenter Toolz, the one carry a huge policetool on her behind .... Well she spotted a naked lady in Soweto, the channel O awards....would you rock this dress? I mean if you don't have folds like the lady below

I think this fashion madness, we really need a fashion police.... myopinion# HOT MESS or OBSESSED


  1. All these are what had been fortold by the prophet through the leads of the Lord Jesus christ and the Lord Jesus Himself about the end time. Remember the time of Nuah? He preached day and night telling people of the torments that’s ahead but they refused to heed his warning and refused to make peace with the Lord their saviour which eventually led to their perishing with the world. You, it is high time you made peace with the Lord your God so as not to regret ever coming to this world. Jesus loves you, repent now and be safe

  2. Complete garbage.... She ain't even a Lady