Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Despite His Plea For Mercy The Man Who Slept With A Goat Was Sentenced To 10 years Imprisonment

WEIRD: A court in Kenya has sentenced Kitsao Gona to 10 years in prison for bestiality, despite his plea for mercy
See the Victim- The goat is brought in to court below

The man who had sex with a goat was forced to come to face to face with his victim, after the live animal was brought into court as a witness.

The nanny goat was presented to a magistrate, according to The Sun, and looked on as Kitsao Gona was jailed for 10 years after admitting his crime.

He was caught in the act when the passerby got caught short in a bush, and spotted Gona's clothes hanging on a tree.

The goat's owner and other villagers then marched the man to police, who charged him with bestiality.

The court was told how a passer-by spotted Gona assaulting the goat in the village of Dabaso, north of Mombasa, on November 25.

Gona had pleaded for leniency, claiming that his disabled wife depends on him, but the judge handed down a record sentence.

Kenyan media said it was rare for animals to be presented as evidence in court cases... Lol before nko ... It is really weird

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