Saturday, December 28, 2013

5 Years Old Cameron Okoye, Son To Peter and Lola Okoye Now Has A Girlfriend -PICTURES

This shouldn't be happening!!!! Little kids shouldn't be allowed 2 get close very soon they'll start doing daddy and mummy play before you know it when titi(the girl next door) would say ''u sleep and let me sit down on your waist''  mehn...i feel like going back in time... Lol, don't get me wrong I also played mummy and daddy drama back then, my younger bro has a girlfriend and trust me you wouldn't want to know how old he is. They are just innocent friends. Sometimes when kids grow together from a young age they turn out to be best friends and in some cases, married couples. Let them be, just control them normatically. By the way her name is Leonor. Don't they just look adorable together, see pics below

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