Sunday, December 29, 2013

SHOCKING PHOTO: Man Finds A Huge Snake On His Brand New Car Engine After Visit To His Village

Yes... I know alot of people would say back to sender all those witches in my village that dont want to see me progress.. DIE! LoL... So this man got a New Job and a new car, and since this is holiday period, he decided to go to the village to show his people both the car and the girl he wants to marry so they can all celebrate with him but after the visit he and his wife to be left for town, but on the way the brand new car stops, the guy was surprised then he decided to check his engine, to his utmost surprise he met the with the greatest enemy to man SNAKE, I can imagine the terror he felt on the sight of this deadly creature... See pics below


  1. Enemies of progress no dey die finish ooooo....Anyways,Jesus will continue to save us....

  2. This pics is not a new pics,I've seen it before long time ago

  3. Weda d pics is old or not.its stil a news