Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Check Out Nicki Minaj Breast Cake... Are Her Nipples That Dark?

While guests mingled and ate appetizers, everyone’s eyes were on the cake. Can you blame them? Lol....
Nicki Minaj turned 31 years old this weekend. How did she celebrate you ask? With two round, perky helpings of bosom cake.
Nicki had her birthday party at Philippe restaurant in Beverly Hills. See picture after the flip


  1. god of Lagos! See bööbs!

    e just be like say make I put head for phone begin suck nípplês.

  2. Very ugly cake

    Hu made dis 4 her...... Sad#

  3. Mtcheww.. Uugly cake, not appealing to the eyes not even taseful

  4. As in ehn! D ugliest cake sef,nicki can do better than dis o