Wednesday, December 25, 2013

You Won't Believe What Peter Psquare's wife, Lola Omotayo Is Addicted To

Are you surprised? Yes, we are too...

According SOURCE
It was exactly one week after her wedding, and the venue was the same place she had her wedding, The Ark Centre which coincidentally hosted the colourful marriage ceremony of Tiwa Savage and hubby in Lekki, Lagos.
Lola, who came in company two of
her friends and maybe possibly a couple of barrel-chested guards (we really don’t know if those guards were hers) in a powerful ride was not too comfortable when she got to the venue, she was unnecessarily stone cold, looking as if she was guilty of an offense, but there was something about her calmness that interest this reporter, hence the reason for keeping a tab on her.
Alas, not too long, the drop dead beauty and her friends stood up and walked briskly outside the venue and off somewhere in the backyard, and you know what, they cover-up and took out that substance from their bags and started caressing it, and the next thing, we saw a slight brownish billow of fumes as they puffed away, very surprising. We were tempted to take pictures but the sight of the bodyguards who also seemed to be weary of the situation wouldn’t allow us, even though they were not sure we were playing an under-cover on them. Then after about few minutes, Lola rushed-up and when she got back to the venue, those who saw her will attest to the fact that, she was as agile as an athlete read for action. Without taking anything or anybody into consideration, she danced uncontrollably as if she just won a jackpot and the upwardly mobile guests were dazed at the brazenly overzealous attitude of the 1-week-old bride.