Monday, December 9, 2013

You Need To See 50 Cent Sophisticated 172 Carat Diamonds.... It's DOPE

As we all know 50 cent is one of the most richest rappers in the world, the rap mogul is known for rapping about the finer things in life, and flexed his riches on Instagram this week as he showed off his massive diamond-encrusted chain on Instagram. The rapper and business mogul stood in front of the camera as he clutched the chain in his hand, which he captioned “I’m so chunky right now try 2 kilo’s 172 carrots natural Diamonds.”

He also excited fans by announcing a new project called “Animal Ambition,” which he’s also been promoting on Instagram, telling the world, ”You Rap niggas in trouble Lol

And now…the chain... Lol


  1. Madm D.... U nidd to apologize to us

  2. True,dis madam made me to forget my phone @ home cos I checked dis page hundred times and still no gist,happy she's now working sha

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