Monday, December 23, 2013

A Man Offers The Hairiest Girl In Nigeria Queen Okafor Half A Million Just To

Queen Okafor is a unique woman with unique features. She has a rare endowment from nature. Looking at her, one would think she is a man, but she is a full blooded woman.

Queen, as her name suggests, has become a celebrity of sort whenever she steps out in public as the people stare at her in amazement. Queen’s attraction is an abundance of hairs all over her body especially in the upper region- face, hands, chests etc. Although she was born without much hair on her body, she gradually began sprouting them at the age of 21 years. Today, at 26, Queen has done many things humanly possible to stop the abnormal growth, but to no avail.

Narrating her experience, Queen said she started noticing the hair at unusual places at the age of 21. According to the Anambra State born lady, she has seen the good, the bad and the ugly because of her abundant hairs. She said she has become the cynosure of all eyes wherever she goes, sometimes to her utter embarrassment. At one time, she narrated how a gay person approached her to have backdoor with her, promising to pay her a princely sum of N500,000. See more hairy photos below

She said this was the most terrible encounter she has had on account of her hairs. She, of course, refused the offer. She said even lesbians also “toast her” to hangout with her because they found her attractive in both ways, both as a man and as a woman. When this reporter met Queen in a bus going to Oshodi from Mile 2, in Lagos some months ago, passengers were starring at her embarrassingly. As the lady tried to hide her face, more eyes were on her, thus arousing much interest from co-passengers.

Queen eventually opened up to this reporter, maintaining that she was not using the story to beg for money or as a form of publicity stunt, but only to draw the attention of NGOs to fight for women with such rare disability as hers. Queen believes that she is a normal person with unwanted recognition from the society. She told Sunday Sun: “My name is Queen Nonyerem Okafor. I am from Anambra State. We are five children from our parents, three girls and two boys. I inherited the hairs from my mum and it runs in the family.

Once you get to 21 to 23 years in our family, you start experiencing hair growth. I am 26 years old now, when I was in secondary school, much hairs were not on my body. It started when I finished my secondary school. I am not granting you this interview as if I need help or money, no! I want to tell my story and what it means to be a hairy woman.

All I need is for an NGO to take up my case as a woman with abnormal conditions and also to act in the movie industry.” She revealed to Sunday Sun that the change on her skin initially made her uncomfortable, but following advice from good people, her confidence was boosted. In her words: “The first time it started to grow on my body, I was ashamed, but someone advised me that I shouldn’t bother, that it is a blessing not a curse. The person told me that I am unique, besides, wherever I go, I would be recognised. She advised me that I shouldn’t be ashamed, rather that I should be proud of myself.

It was her that gave me strength and boosted my self esteem. Some people think that I am a man. Some think I fixed my bosom to deceive people. Men especially find it difficult to believe that I am a woman. It was when we interact that most men are reassured that I am a woman. It has made me to be very popular and recognised in public. It has boosted my confidence to socialize. People want to identify with me to know the stuff I am made of. Some want to find out where this girl is coming from.

People call and dash me money because of my hairy nature, but I don’t beg for money.” Queen said she tried to stop the work of nature by applying all sorts of cosmetics and native substances, all to no avail but it turned out to cause more harm than good. “Before the advice came, I was asking God why all these now? I was thinking of what to rub to clear the hair from my skin. I rubbed tortoise faeces and a lot of things people recommend for me to use, but it didn’t remove them, rather it caused more harm than good as I started growing bumps and sores while the hair was still coming out, I had to stop using those things


  1. mother nature can bestow u wit rare gifts wic u dnt ve d power to reject..i can feel u dear,jst learn to live wt it

  2. Eewww! having this kind of skin disorder in our superstitious society is one great headache she must be really battling hard with. She should visit one of the teaching hospitals ,perhaps there might be a solution

  3. Hirsutism can be caused by either an increased level of ANDROGENS (the male hormones), or an oversensitivity of hair follicles to androgens. HIRSUTISM is seen in the following conditions 1 polycystic ovarian syndrome 2 Cushings syndrome3 Tumors in the overies or adrenal gland(ca) 4 congenital adrenal hyperplasia 5 insulin resistance 6 certain medications 7 obesity . So, why should you tell the whole world that you are sick instead of going to the hospital.

  4. I'm not a doctor, but something tells me this woman must be suffering from some sort of hormone imbalance. A visit to the hospital won't kill her

  5. Where is iron lady in this? Abii her bis dob expaya

    1. mbok, make una lemme rest for dis blog naa, d love is becoming too much

    2. stop the murmuring you all. This is not a disorder as you term it. This is a natural gift from the almighty.
      I like hairy women. And this kind befits a kind of wife I have been yarning to have.
      I just love hair. I just wonder how hairy the under will look like. Hair turns me all. I could have daily sex with this kind of woman tirelessly


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