Friday, October 11, 2013

Cassie And P. Diddy In Bedroom mood (PICTURES)

I still don't understand how three women would be comfortable sharing one man it really amaze me …Kim Porter is the main chick, then Cassie, then there’s the other baby mama he was spotted with last weekend, Sarah Chapman.
Meanwhile, the music mogul has made it very clear that he’s nowhere near ready to settle down and get married. Cassie rubbed all the pain out of the feet of her mogul boyfriend Diddy on Instagram.

When your man runs a international empire, it’s only natural that you may have to spend some of your intimate moments helping ease his tension.  Over on Instagram, singer Cassie showed how she caters to her man with a good foot massage.
 Diddy tweeted one of their intimate moments saying “@casandrae was talkin shit on IG earlier! But now dis is later . My Baby and she gives mean foot massage . Lol”  See the photo of Cassie he posted on instagram


  1. Dats ma nigga for life,,,cassie in ma view is d prettiest chick in d biz,,,what's d hurry on commitment

    1. He he he.. Dude, thanks for ur kind gestures on my chick... Cassie