Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We came,We saw and We conquered: See Pictures of P-Square As They Round Up US/CANADA With A Blast

Yea fun mood was fully activated for Peter and paul the twin Nigerian Artist popularly known  as P-SQUARE as they stormed Dallas, Texas,  there was a lot of body contacts usual a girls romanced a touched them while they performed on stage, according to peter it was a great show, lol, why won't it be a great show when you had beautiful girls massaging every corner of your body, well also anounced that their next bus stop would be at ADDIS ABABA in Ethiopia, this Saturday which is the 21st of September. And yes this is exclusive, lol, ithink they also got themselves a red LIMO TRUCK and they are planning to bring it to Nigeria, see pictures of the after party below;

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