Sunday, September 15, 2013

SHOCKING VIDEO: A man plays with bunch of huge lions

Noway i'm definitely not ok, i watched this video not breathing, please watch, still in shocked mood, and yes it is real his name is David Ricardson he is popularly known as the lion whisperer, he is an animal behaviouralist, who works with some of the most dangerous animals known to man, he sleeps with lions, cuddles new born hynas and swim with lionesses, isn't that awesome, lol, its a talent, he trained himself you too can make it only if u try, if u fail the first time keep trying, you shall make it someday if not here on earth then in heaven , goodluck

see video:


  1. WTF. He's even swimming with the lions,diamond biko nu, I jst came back from church and yes I know miracles happen but this one ...mmmm

  2. O my shop, lol

  3. WTF....... Even na 4 winch world, I no do o

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