Saturday, September 14, 2013

Photo story of Nickelodeon stars all grown up

Well well well... Nickelodeon lovers its time to show yourselves, see before and after
 pictures of your favorite nickelodeon star and see what he/she is into presently, let's start with 

Amanda Bynes
Before: Amanda casted in 'All That' , after that, at 13 she had her own show " The Amanda Show"
Now: she's negotiating record deal from psych ward

Josh Peck
Before: After being a member of 'The Amanda show' Josh then starred in the popular nick drama 'Drake and Josh', playing the role of the nerdy younger brother
Now: He has grown up to be a heartthrob casting in movies like 'The Wackness', 'Red Dawn' and an upcoming break dance movie to be out this seSeptember 20th, (Battle Of The Year), by the way did I tell you HD is cute, dayummm.

Elisa Cuthbert
Before: She was member of the midnight society, the kids who told spooky stories around the fire on 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?' 
Now: she starred in 24 as Jack Bauer's daughter who was always getting into danger , she's also one of the TV stars of 'Happy Endings' 

Mike O' Mallet
Before: Mike appeared in Nickelodeon game shows 'GUTS' and ' Get The Picture', he was the only grown up guy on the lisf . 
Now: Mike is now  great TV character after starring in several couple of sitcoms 'Yes Dear' and ' The Mike O' Malley' show'

Michelle Trachtenberg: She starred ib the best TV show of all time 'The Adventures Of Pete and Pete and also played the title character in 'Harriet the Spy' 
Now: Although Mitchelle has the hardest spelt name atter Arnold Schwarzseneggerkkhisk, her name has been all if the news

Nick Cannon
Before: He hosted the Nick Cannon show and also starred in shows like 'All That' 
Now: He's hosting a morning show on the radio and America got talent, he runs his own record label, releasing several studio albums, acting as chairmen of the network 'Teen Nick', starring in and directing movies. Did I make mention of his marriage to Mariah carey oh m sure you guys kow about them, they both have a set ofcute twins together 


  1. Nice one,try out 1 on 'disney stars' and hannah montana

  2. D nxt should b diamondodey's past ,present ,nd future pictures.