Friday, September 20, 2013


This is the  World Most Expensive Toilet Made Of GOLD worth $10 Million also heard its 24karat Gold it is One of the most talked about items on display and it was manufactured in Japan, I heard Japan makes the most sophisticated toilets in the world - intelligent loos that self flush, self clean, play music or the sounds of tweeting birds. They even have seats that will warm your a*s for you,lol, but the "World's Top Lavatory" is not simply the world's most sanitized facility, equipped with cutting-edge technology and design, it also displays the world's most expensive toilet at the World's Toilet Museum, in Utazu, Kagawa Prefecture, on the Japanese island of Shikoku. At that time the solid gold 24-karat loo was worth some sixty million Japanese yen (approximately 4,500,000 RMB in 2002). But with gold having appreciated considerably in recent years I dare not think how much the loo must be worth today. Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to sit on this loo, well that's sad :(


  1. Vanity.... All vanity

  2. If the poo would be recycled and turn to gold, I mean y not, let's go get ready for an attack