Monday, September 16, 2013

PHOTOS: Kristina Rei has the world largest lips

Wow.... Those are really huge, Kristina Rei has the world largest lips, i'll bet a man's d**k could get missing in there, lol, she is 22 years and she's from russia but she looks like a yoruba girl to me, hehehe..., Kristina has performed more than 100 cosmetic surgeries including silicon injection just to have the world largest lips.
I have always been self-conscious concerning the size of my lip Kristina said, I was just 17 years when I had my first surgery, it was very painful but i liked the outcome. 
Kristina i must confess you amaze me, home alone readers please check out miss Kristina before and after the surgery and tell us what you think;

. Before

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  1. Ehya, dis pretty gal now became a monster all in d name of fame...