Monday, September 16, 2013

Exposing my d*ck was my own way of showing the world my pride- DMX

Alright... Last week I posted pictures and video of DMX running around naked in Detroit Hotel located near shed 5 at the corner of Russell and Wilkins streets, today he told TMZ that he has a big a** d*ck and he likes to show it, he also went ahead telling TMZ that it was'nt just a dare, it was his own way of showing his pride,lol, yes for those of you who did'nt here it, he said before his performance,he was drinking and playing truth or dare  with eve and lil kim and then he was dared to run naked in detroit hallway hallway This is how TMZ is reporting it;

        "DMX has no problem flashing his massive donger in public -- telling TMZ his naked streak through a Detroit hotel was his way of showing off his pride ... in his penis.X was at LAX last night when he explained why in the world he went balls (and more) out -- and it wasn't just a dare.In case you missed it ... DMX was caught on surveillance footage last week flashing his naughty bits to a hotel employee while his friends watched on. The 42-year-old rapper also spends time roasting our camera guy ... and it's awesome."  

So for those of you who thought he was embarassing himself ,  I'm so sorry to disappoint DMX was having maximum fun and he hope you enjoyed the view. He is proud of his thing so please home alone readers be proud of your thing send photos to my email so I can help you publish

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  1. As older as ur father is u are not ashamed nigga go look for somthin better to do and stop acting like ray j broke ass nigga