Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Mother caught her daughters making out with vibrator

Wow... Things are really happening, a 39 year old mother got the greatest shock of her live when she steps into her dauyhters room and saw her two daughters using a vibrator ( sex toy) on each other

The woman, Nonkazimulo Dube, caught the two women taking turns to sexually entertain each other, two weeks ago. According to a source, the two daughters are aged 22 and 27 respectively, who are based in South Africa, had come for a visit. The 27-year-old is reportedly Dube’s step-daughter.

It is alleged that after being caught red-handed, Mitchell and Grace Dube packed their bags the following morning and vacated from the house. The source, who is a family insider, said Dube fell ill after the incident.

“She had not been feeling well since then. her condition has not been that good. What she saw is really bothering. A meeting was held last weekend to discuss the matter and it was agreed that the two should be summoned so that they explain what they were doing,” narrated the source.

Contacted for a comment, Dube said she was at loss of words.

“I really don’t know what got into their minds and I don’t know what to say apart from that. I am still in shock,” she said.

Asked to describe what the scene was like and her reactions, the seemingly traumatised mother said she got into the girls bedroom at 7pm when she caught them red handed.

“I went into their bedroom to look for my Bible which I could not locate in my bedroom. I knocked on the door but I got no response. All I could hear was the sound of music which was being played so loud. I then decided to open the door and I found them naked with Metchell (the younger one) putting something shaped like a ‘man’ into Grace’s thing.

“They saw me and stopped. I asked them what was happening and Mitchell said they were just playing. I’m an adult, I could not take what I was seeing lightly. I did not speak to them that night and when I woke in the morning they were gone and they simply left a note saying that they were sorry.

“If South Africa is doing this to our children then God should curse it. I don’t want to see them near me. Some of the relatives agreed to call them back but I will not be part of these discussions,” she narrated.

Getting hold of Mitchell was really not easy, but when we finally managed to reach her, the ‘young adult’ said they were just experimenting and were not lesbians at all.

“We watched this other movie and saw some girls doing it and we just went for it. We are not lesbians,” she said via a social network application


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