Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nigeria Union of Journalists chairman, Mr. Deji Gbolahan has a message for bloggers

He he he.... Bloggers are in soup the NUJ chairman said beiefly in an interview that they are noting bloggers excesses and they (bloggers) might be scrapped soon. Read details below;

Mr. Deji Gbolahan Elumoye is the Chairman, Lagos State Chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, a body that controls the affair of members of the fourth estate of the realm. The Associate Editor of ThisDay Newspaper is one of those who are displeased with the activities of bloggers. The seasoned journalist, as the chairman of the union in Lagos, has revealed that serious meetings are on-going to check the menace of bloggers in Nigeria.

When he was asked to comment on the various activities of bloggers, hear what his response is, “One thing I would want you to know is that, bloggers are not really considered as journalists. We are noting their notoriety and something shall be done about it in due course. Look at a situation whereby bloggers wrote that former president Nelson Mandela was dead which was not really so. Blogging means any idiot can just pick a pen and write rubbish in the name of social media. Professional journalists have their process of verifying information before going to press. What bloggers do is to hear a story and without verifying, they just post it to the public.”
So bloggers take note.

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