Wednesday, September 11, 2013

An Unclad mother bosom feeding her daughter in a Yoga Session

Woah!!! That's some serious stunts, i must learn it. Amy Woodruff is a mother and a blogger who lives in clothing-optional community was practicing her yoga naked when her daughter Naia came crying for breast milk, seeing her mother's breast bare she grabbed it and decided to help herself, Amy posted the picture on her blog and did'nt know the picture would go viral. LoL. you posted a nude picture of you and did'nt know it'll go viral, are you a learner?


  1. Why will you post a naked picture and expect it not to be seen by the world den wats the need y do we watch keeping up wiv the kadashians in the first place..bitch please!!!

  2. I love this, see as d baby is just enjoying, choi