Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lesbianism in Nollywood - Actress Ejiro Confess

Actress Ejiro Okurame in this interview talked about lesbianism in this and also said how deep it has eaten into Nollywood, she also exposed that so many actresses are involved

See interview extracts below;

 Interviewer: Were you sexually harassed as an upcoming actress?

 Ejiro Okurame: I didn’t set myself up to be sexually harassed. However, the issue of sexual harassment is in every organization not just Nollywood. It happens everywhere.

 Interviewer: What is your view about lesbianism in the industry?

Ejiro Okurame: I think it is demonic. I won’t say much about it because a lot of people are involved. The industry needs divine intervention so God can erase such people from the industry. It has eaten deep and it is affecting us. That’s why we need to seek the presence of God. Lesbianism is a sign of the end of time.

 Interviewer: Have you been a victim before

 Ejiro Okurame: No, not really. I think it is when you give room for these things that they occur. I was in Abuja for a particular event when a lady asked me to sit on her laps. I was like ‘what, sit on your laps! For what?’ I left and got my own chair.

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