Monday, September 9, 2013

PHOTOS/VIDEO:Miley cyrus has finally lost it she snaps fully naked to shoot a video 'Wrecking ball'

Smiley Cyrus, lol, has gone mad again,this girl is just bent on beating her record sha

The 20-year-old strips off to ride a Wrecking Ball to accompany the single of the same name, and has created a short film that's more provocative than even her last boisterous hit, We Can't Stop.

This isn't surprising when you take into account that the video was directed by controversial photographer Terry Richardson - the man known for shooting Kate Upton's curves and who counts Lindsay Lohan as a key muse

Too far? Miley Cyrus has outdone herself with this Terry Richardson directed video for Wrecking Ball

In the film, a nude Cyrus straddles a swinging wrecking ball, licks a sledgehammer and smashes up a few walls for good measure.

Cyrus posted a link to the video on Monday with the hashtag #WreckTheRecord meaning she's keen to break her own VEVO record of views in one day, and to reclaim her crown from One Direction.

We Can't Stop video scored 10.7 but One Direction's Best Song Ever clip accumulated 10.9 million glances in July.

Looking for hits: Miley  remains nude in the new video and is hoping it will smash Vevo records for views

Where next? With each stunt, Miley's becoming slightly less able to shock us, so where next?

Nothing left to the imagination: Miley is never shy of showing off her body, but this is the next level

We Can't Stop was promoted by a video that was full of twerking, partying and even featured a make-out session between Miley and a doll.

And her now infamous VMA performance saw her parade around in a bra and knickers, whilst twerking (again) and performing some other obscure movements with a foam finger.

In an an interview with MTV, the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus compared herself to Madonna and Britney Spears, who also made headlines when they locked lips during a passionate on air kiss 10 years ago at the 2003 VMAs, and she's likely to have some tricks under her belt for her first hosting gig in Saturday Night Live on October 5.

Cyrus confirmed she'll head up the landmark show and will also, gulp, perform. Katy Perry takes on the baton a week later on the 12th,

And this a metaphor for? At one point Miley licks a sledgehammer in the Terry Richardson inspired video, it's not clear as to which plot point this attends to

And she is 20 years... Wow, i comment my reserve,  watch video below, it is an explicit video so 25+ 



  1. And she was once a teen ambassador.. Smh

  2. Psychiatrist please.......

  3. real Smiley,very soon u'll see that her facial expression on bb smileys. This girl needs help O‎​º°˚ , URGENTLY

  4. U guys should leave her alone,she was once a teenager and she acted like one now shez an adult let her act like one, u tink its easy to meet up with gaga,riri,bey and d likes without doing something different? Shez getting he views and ur hating

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