Sunday, September 8, 2013

PHOTOS: 2010 project fame winner Chidinma and Rap artist Phyno share romantic moments together

Rap artist phyno meets steller singer who am i talking about here, it is our one and only 2010 project fame winner and kedike crooner---» Chidinma, Well like they say pictures speaks louder than words,Lol,  check out Phyno and chidinma romantic moments together

Who would have ever thought of such combo...

These celebrities can code their relationships sha... But trust me, nothing is hidden under diamond the aprokos nose


  1. They look cool together thu

  2. Dey aren't bad 2 geda tho( little grl 4 a little man*winks) but I hope dis lasts, dats if dey hv nytin serz goin on. Cuz na wa 4 celebrity lyf sha.