Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Picture of the man who drinks human blood

Seriously? In this modern world? How can a human being act in such a gross manner, please read story below:

A cult leader known as “Black Jesus” has been hacked to death by villagers in Papua New Guinea.

Police said Steven Tari was cornered while attacking a woman, with media reports saying he was chopped up.

Tari, a convicted defiler who had also been accused of cannibalism, was on the run after breaking out of jail with 47 others earlier this year.

He was also suspected of murdering a schoolgirl earlier this month.

Tari had thousands of followers before his ­imprisonment in 2010.

He had claimed to be the true Christ and promised his cult members great wealth.

Among his disciples were dozens of s*x slaves he called his “flower girls”

His r*pe convictions were based on evidence he had abused these young women.

Tari had studied to become a Lutheran pastor but disappeared from his theological college after disputing the Bible’s teachings.

Don't worry you shall see a lot of blood and flower girls in the place God is taking you to.

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