Tuesday, September 3, 2013

See full list of 2013 illuminati ( church of satan)

LoL... See what boredom has caused, anyway I saw this list online and I was like who cares but come to think of it my 'home alone readers' might be interested

 Here is the list below of famous Illuminati members (bothalleged& proven evidence): Aalyiah - Illuminati Adele - Illuminati Alicia Keys - Illuminati Angelina Jolie - Illuminati Avril Lavigne - Illuminati Barack Obama - Illuminati Beyonce Knowles - Illuminati Blue Ivy - Illuminati Bob Dylan - Illuminati Bob Marley - Illuminati Bono (from U2) - Illuminati Britney spears - Illuminati Cash Money/Young Money Records - Illuminati Celine Dion - Illuminati Chris Brown - Illuminati Ciara - Illuminati Cristiano Ronaldo - Illuminati Cypress hill - Illuminati Darren Brown - Illuminati David bowie - Illuminati Disturbed - Illuminati Dr dre - Illuminati Dr. Dre - Illuminati Drake - Illuminati Eminem - Illuminati George W. Bush Sr. & Jr. - Illuminati George Washing (was a Freemasonry) - Illuminati Gordon Brown - Illuminati Hugo Weaving - Illuminati Hulk Hogan - Illuminati Jay z - Illuminati Jay-Z - Illuminati Jennifer Hudson - Illuminati Jennifer Lopez - Illuminati Jim Carey - Illuminati Jimi Hendrix - Illuminati John Cena - Illuminati cm punk -Illuminati John Travolta- Illuminati Justin Bieber - illuminati
Oooh wait i forgot diamond odey-illuminati , lol , noticed everybody on the list is successful, so maybe if I join my name I'll be over successful, hehehe

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