Monday, September 9, 2013

EXPOSED: Actresses beg movie directors with SEX to secure movie roles- Ani

Ani who is set to launch her first movie titled 'the squeeze' she is also the CEO of effixzzy international magazine for those of you do know exposed how actresses sleep with directors and producers in order to secure movie roles, Ani whose full name is Ani Amatosero said in her own words that

 “s*xual harassment is not a new thing to any grown girl. It’s not just in the movie industry but it’s also in the banking industry, the private sector generally and even in our universities. I am wondering why that of Nollywood is always a big deal to people. Some times some girls harass men though.

And the reason is that  some desperate girls who think Nollywood is all about s*x come into Nollywood with the mindset of sleeping their way to the top and    so they harass the men. But it’s not always like that. There are some producers and directors who believe in what you can do and how to help you improve on your acting skills   and not for what is under your skirt. It’s so sad that people now see actresses like girls who must sleep their way to get to the top.

The desperate ones are the ones who fall into such traps. They come into Nollywood and they don’t want to grow. They want to fly to the level of Genevieve and Omotola overnight and earn what they earn forgetting the fact that they grew gradually into what they have become today. Growth is a gradual process.”


  1. Y dint any body tell mi girls harras men in nollywood?? I think i av to take nollywood more serious naw...hmmmmm!!! Kenny of life

  2. Stake gist... Na 2day